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Take the “core” road with “Jinjiang experience”! “Science and Technology Daily” special issue headline report Jinjiang Integrated Circuit Industrial Park
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On May 12, the central mainstream news media Science and Technology Daily’s special issue headline published "Take the "Core" Road d on "Jinjiang Experience" This park will build an integrated circuit industry "ecosphere"", focusing on the development achievements of Jinjiang Integrated Circuit Industrial Park in recent years.

New infrastructure is becoming the “wind outlet” of the times. While Jinjiang vigorously optimizes the “hard facilities” of the integrated circuit industrial park, it also strives to establish and optimize the support of a group of innovative platform carriers “soft facilities” to form an industrial structure integrating production, education, research and application. Continuously inject the vitality of development "core".

Launching Ceremony of the 3rd National Integrated Circuit "Entrepreneurship Core" Competition

Sign up to participate in dozens of roadshow projects, and more than a hundred investment institutions are onlookers... At the first online special matchmaking meeting of the National IC "Core of Entrepreneurship" competition that has just ended, a batch of core chips, digital twins, and 5G core elements are involved. Projects in cutting-edge technology fields such as devices stand out. This event, which was hosted by the Jinjiang Municipal Government of Fujian Province for three sessions, has become an earlier national event that focused on early-stage projects in the field of integrated circuits.

The country’s first "Integrated Circuit Talent Identification Standards" was issued, and the nation’s leading preferential policies for integrated circuit talents were formulated. After the review, entrepreneurial teams and projects can receive up to nearly 20 million yuan in funding support...

A series of measures not only show Jinjiang’s vision and determination for future industrial development, but also carry the “core” dream of one of the “leaders” of the county economy in the country: Taking Fujian Province Integrated Circuit Industrial Park as the “center” to accelerate the formation of The internationally competitive integrated circuit industry cluster enriches the new connotation of "Jinjiang Experience" in the new era of development.

Forward-looking layout

The brand capital re-establishes the "core" trend

Integrated circuits have been hailed as the country's "information industry food", and the development of the integrated circuit industry has become a national strategy. In June 2014, the "National Integrated Circuit Industry Development Promotion Outline" was released. In combination with the development layout of the integrated circuit industry in Fujian Province, Jinjiang vigorously promoted the construction of the integrated circuit industry park in Fujian Province.

In fact, since the reform and opening up, Jinjiang Exploration has embarked on a unique county development road, forming two industrial clusters with more than 100 billion yuan and five more than 10 billion yuan, the "jacket capital of the world" and "Chinese shoes". "Both" is well-known at home and abroad.

Having done well in traditional industries, why is Jinjiang willing to take risks to enter emerging industries? People in Jinjiang who love to work hard and dare to win do not forget to be prepared for danger in times of peace. Jinjiang's advantageous industries are concentrated in traditional manufacturing. To transform and upgrade and create advantages in the entire industry chain, the leadership and integrated development of high-tech industries are required.

In 2016, Jinjiang City proposed to “build an international and innovative quality city”. Under the guidance of "handling the relationship between the development of high-tech industries and traditional industries", Jinjiang keenly seized the country’s strategic opportunities for the development of the integrated circuit industry, taking the integrated circuit industry as a key high-tech industry and a new round of development. The important engine of Jinjiang has become an important driving force for the integrated and innovative development of Jinjiang's industrial and urban people.

Fujian Integrated Circuit Industrial Park (Science Park)

The goal is set, to plan an integrated circuit industrial park of 24,000 acres in Fujian Province, followed by a magnificent picture.

Attracting talents "strong magnetic field"

Build an innovative service ecosystem

This is an exciting "breakthrough".

With the advent of the 5G era, the demand for core components-radio frequency devices will increase substantially. Some analysts predict that by 2023, the RF front-end market is expected to exceed 35 billion U.S. dollars, with a compound annual growth rate of 14%. The fast-growing market has given many companies an opportunity to build an independent RF supply chain as their goal.

Jinjiang Sanwu Microelectronics Co., Ltd., which was selected as the high-level talent "Strait Plan" project team of Jinjiang City, is one of the outstanding ones. "The company will start from 5G RF front-end switches, extend to 5G WiFi RF front-end modules, and enter 5G mobile phone RF. Front-end PA actively builds a domestic and independent RF supply chain with core competitiveness.” said the relevant person in charge of Sanwu Microelectronics.

Sanwu Microelectronics’ confidence comes from its R&D team’s cutting-edge technology development capabilities: In April 2019, GaAs WiFi switches achieved a technological breakthrough, with ESD (electrostatic discharge) exceeding 1000V; in August 2019, the first domestic support was successfully developed. 8G frequency GaAs WiFi switch; in October 2019, the first domestic high-gain low-noise vehicle Beidou LNA was developed...

Chen Zhixiong, deputy director of the Quanzhou Semiconductor High-tech Zone Management Committee and director of the Jinjiang Branch Management Committee, regularly leads a team to visit the company to understand the development needs of the company and coordinate and solve it

Why has Sanwu Microelectronics made a series of important progress in just two years after landing in the Fujian Integrated Circuit Industrial Park? The relevant person in charge of Sanwu Microelectronics pointed out the mystery, "The company has received investment from the Anxin Fund established by the National Integrated Circuit Fund and the Jinjiang Municipal Government, and has also applied for Jinjiang integrated circuit industry support policy funding." He said frankly that the project landed in Jinjiang not only Because of the local government's support policies, the attractiveness of the urban environment, and more importantly, the many development opportunities brought about by the "innovation ecosystem" formed by the first implementation of the project.

The team of Fujian Xintong Information Technology Co., Ltd. also fancy this "innovation ecosystem".

Location of Fujian Xintong Information Technology Co., Ltd.

The company has a number of internationally advanced and domestic leading core technologies. In October 2019, the company moved the former employees and equipment from Xiamen and Fuzhou to Jinjiang to merge operations. The person in charge of the company revealed: "The preparation team and the management committee actively communicated and coordinated, which solved the nearby packaging problem of the company's newly developed chips, which helped us a lot." In the future, the company will rely on Jinjiang headquarters to develop "chip+" Model, explore the fields of "chip + car networking", "chip + medical" and other fields.

According to Xie Jianxin, Executive Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of Jinjiang Branch of Quanzhou Semiconductor High-tech Zone, Jinjiang City has established a "1+N" integrated circuit industry policy system d on the "Outline of Jinjiang Integrated Circuit Industry Development Plan (2016-2025)" In terms of project implementation, investment and financing, scientific research awards, etc., we will actively use industrial development pattern, urban development space and high-end urban supporting facilities to attract projects to land, gather high-end talents, and form a "banyan tree effect" in the development of emerging industries.

"Grasp the leader, cast chains, and build clusters." At present, Jinjiang integrated circuit industry has formed a relatively complete industrial chain. From IC design, wafer manufacturing, packaging and testing to equipment materials, and terminal applications, the total investment in the integrated circuit industry ecosystem exceeds 60 billion yuan, the whole industry chain ecosystem is gradually emerging.

Force new infrastructure

Build a new growth pole that leads regional development

Can our common sports shoes also have a "brain"?

In Xintai Group, Cai Qinglai, the company's president, wore a pair of self-developed "smart sports shoes". The mobile phone APP showed the corresponding bands, showing the current wearer's multiple walking data. From manufacturing and innovating shoe upper materials to relying on the Internet and big data, Xintai Group has put a "brain" on sports shoes.

Xintai R&D Big Data Precision Management Center

Xintai Group, which started as a shoe and clothing textile supplier, completed the amazing “leap” in the transformation of smart wearable devices because of the “one hand” of the preparatory work group for the construction of the integrated circuit industrial park in Fujian Province. Under its matching bridge, Xintai Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Smart Cloud Wearable Technology Research Institute jointly established the "Fujian All Things Smart Wearable Technology Research Institute". Relying on Xintai Technology's deep cultivation of the footwear industry, it focuses on the development of smart footwear and textile flexible sensors. And other smart wearable products.

"We have discovered people's deeper needs in the process of exercise. It is not simply'running', but to follow the laws of health and exercise methods. This makes us determined to do all things intelligent technology, grafting shoes and clothing and other fields." Cai Qinglai Said that Jinjiang is vigorously developing the integrated circuit industry, and combining with Jinjiang's existing advantageous industries such as textiles, footwear and sports goods, there will be a larger and deeper market space.

Nowadays, new infrastructure construction is becoming the “outlet” of the times. While Jinjiang vigorously optimizes the “hard facilities” of the integrated circuit industrial park, it also strives to establish and optimize the support of a group of innovative platform carriers “soft facilities” to form an industry that integrates production, education, research and application. Pattern, continuously inject the vitality of development "core".

"6·18 Collaborative Innovation Institute Microelectronics Branch" Awarding Ceremony

For example, promote the Fuzhou University Demonstrative School of Microelectronics and the Institute of Microelectronics to explore the collaborative innovation model of "politics, academics and enterprises" to serve regional economic construction and development; build the "6.18 Collaborative Innovation Institute Microelectronics Branch" to actively integrate resources and successfully attract There are more than 120 experts settled in, and more than 60 achievements have been promoted; the provincial integrated circuit research institute will be promoted to Jinjiang, which will provide enterprises in the park with research and technical services on chip R&D and design and the localization of integrated circuits such as equipment, materials, and software... …

Chen Zhixiong, deputy director of the Quanzhou Semiconductor High-tech Zone Management Committee and director of the Jinjiang Branch Management Committee, said that the next step will be d on the construction of relevant platforms, focusing on personnel training, team building, and high-tech industry incubation, and strive to build innovative elements. Innovative characteristic parks with integration, active innovation and entrepreneurship, high-end talent intensive, advantageous industry clusters, and the integration of industry, city, industry and education will accelerate the formation of an internationally competitive semiconductor industry cluster.

Jinjiang makes every effort to "recover" and create together in 2020 (chong)

It's been a long time, Wudian City! The most heartwarming, and smell the city fireworks...

Jinjiang introduced twelve safeguard measures! Further support the orderly resumption of work and production of enterprises and projects!

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