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April 2012
The founding team of the company returned to China to start a business, and the Xiamen company was established. Most of the core R&D teams have more than ten years of work experience in well-known overseas companies. The company leader Benjamin Hui graduated with a master's degree in electronic engineering from New York University and has long been engaged in the R&D and project management of 3G, 4G and 5G wireless communication systems (baseband to radio frequency). He has worked in Siemens, Sorrento Networks, Schick Technologies, Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Institute (ASTRI), and has 25 years of work experience. Soon after the company was founded, it completed the theoretical verification of core technologies, including beamforming, maximum ratio combination, completed the basic work of DPD, ICS, CFR and other radio frequency processing algorithms, and determined the main business direction of the advantage.

December 2016
The company's Series A financing was successful. Obtained financing support from Fujian Innovation Electronic Information Industry Investment Development Co., Ltd., which is affiliated to Fujian Investment and Development Group Co., Ltd., and Fujian New Century Economic and Trade Development Co., Ltd.

April 2017
The Fuzhou branch was established, and the business scope has been expanded to the direction of radio frequency power amplifiers and complete machines. Significant progress has been made in public security, railways, radio and television, emergency and other private network fields.

May 2019
The company's B round of financing was successful. According to the national industrial development direction and the international situation, our company applied the digital radio frequency technology that has been fully verified in the module products in the early stage to the research and development of radio frequency front-end chips (SOC).

June 2019
Quanzhou Branch was established, and at the same time, it received strong support from Quanzhou Jinjiang Government and settled in Jinjiang Sanchuang Park

October 2019
The head office was moved to Quanzhou. To facilitate management, the company’s main management was moved to Jinjiang Sanchuang Park, while retaining part of the functions of the Fuzhou and Xiamen branches.

February 2020
Shenzhen Chip R&D Center was established. The main R&D direction of the center is RF front-end chips, which fills the gap in this field in my country

April 2020
The successful development of China’s first digital pre-distortion chip (DPD) STDR5380 V1.0 marks that our company’s chip research and development has reached a new level and will become our company’s main development direction and profit growth point in the future.

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