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Digital Board Products

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·Multiple transmission methods including direct coupling and fiber optic extension;
· Flexible networking, with star, chain, ring and combined networking modes;
·Support broadband, frequency selection and other mode switching;
·Support uplink channel diversity reception and downlink diversity transmission;
·Optical loop, optical bypass function;
·Time delay measurement and correction function;
·The remote machine has a noise reduction function in the uplink to minimize the noise interference of the digital optical fiber repeater to the base station;
·With ATT, ALC, power detection, fault alarm, GPS positioning, multiple networking methods.
·The product has 4 optical ports, and each optical port supports a maximum of 16 remote chain networking.

Product specifications:

Technical specification GSM-R
Applicable frequency band 885M~889M/930M~934M
Working bandwidth 4MHz
Digital gain 30db dynamically adjustable
Number of frequency selection 8 carrier frequency selection
Networking mode Ring networking Star networking Interwoven redundant networking
Optical fiber transmission distance 20KM
RF port 2 receive 1 send/2 send 1 receive
Communication module RJ45 RS232
Working environment temperature -20℃ ~ + 55℃
Working environment humidity 10% ~ 90%
Power DC 12V
Maximum power consumption 25W
Size (L*W*H) 316 * 223 * 133 mm
Weight <2kg

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