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In the conventional mobile phone shielding strategy, it mainly relies on traditional high-power suppression methods. This shielding method has high power consumption, poor performance, and large interference to the base station, which is difficult to meet the shielding requirements of some systems. With its advantages of power saving and good shielding effect, it has gradually become a hot spot in the field of mobile phone shielding. Therefore, the design and development of new and smart communication shielding equipment has become more and more urgent.
Application scenario
Supervision system, which can effectively shield and detect the signals of various network systems, avoid interference with surrounding base stations, etc., in order to verify the effect
System Features
1) Targeted generation of shielding signals according to the electromagnetic environment of the space, reducing the power requirements for interference suppression, and reducing unnecessary electromagnetic radiation
2) Generate codeword-level interference, and the interference power ratio requirement does not change with the electromagnetic environment to ensure the stability of regional interference
3) Synchronize interference to the TDD system to minimize the possibility of crosstalk to the TDD system
4) Uplink detection adopts digital sampling scheme, which makes it more accurate to judge the uplink signal and the response speed is faster
5) Supports the output power of each system and the remote parameter query and monitoring. It adopts TCP/IP network monitoring and control mode, which is stable and reliable.
6) Independent detection of each system can realize independent detection and independent shutdown functions, which can realize the sleep standby state when there is no business function to reduce power consumption.

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