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Fujian Province (Jinjiang) Integrated Circuit Industrial Park was invited to participate in the China International Industrial Internet Innovation and Development Conference
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Jinjiang News Network, September 13th September 7-11, 2020 China International Industrial Internet Innovation and Development Conference and 2020 Xiamen Fair will be held in Xiamen at the same time, Fujian Province Integrated Circuit Industrial Park Construction Preparatory Working Group was invited to participate.

As one of the important activities of the 2020 Xiamen International Investment and Trade Fair, the 2020 China International Industrial Internet Innovation and Development Conference is hosted by the China Institute of Communications, the Fujian Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, and the Fujian Provincial Communications Administration. With the theme of "Focus on New Infrastructure and Unleash New Kinetic Energy", the conference will display the latest developments, key technologies and industrial directions of the industrial Internet in an all-round way in a combination of exhibitions, and help the high-quality development of my country's industrial Internet.

The preparatory working group for the construction of the Fujian Integrated Circuit Industrial Park was invited to participate and set up a special booth to promote the development of Jinjiang's integrated circuit industry. At the same time, three park companies from Xintong, Yunjin Intelligent, and Chuanglong Zhixin also actively participated in the exhibition.

It is reported that this conference includes the main theme forum "The Belt and Road International Industrial Internet Industry Forum", as well as "Fintech helps small and medium-sized enterprises to finance", "New Industrial Development Model in the 5G Era", "Innovative Development of Industrial Internet and Blockchain Integration", etc. A number of thematic sub-forums invited experts, scholars and industry leaders to attend professional discussions, publish industrial policies, discuss development trends, meet project needs, and promote innovation and development.

During the conference, the China International Industrial Internet Innovation and Development Exhibition also officially opened, focusing on displaying innovative products, innovative technologies, innovative applications, innovative formats, and innovative achievements in the industrial Internet field, helping scientific and technological achievements to be transformed into the market, further attracting domestic and foreign investment, and promoting my country Advantages of industrial Internet technology and industries go global, and help countries along the “Belt and Road” to share the development dividends of industrial Internet.

Through the forum and exhibition mutual assistance model, the conference will display the technological achievements of industrial Internet companies in a more professional and comprehensive manner, and use the “Belt and Road” platform of the Xiamen Fair to enhance the international influence of industrial Internet companies. It is reported that the exhibition area of this conference covers an area of 6000 square meters, covering 5G, communication network services, edge computing, cloud computing and big data, network application security, encryption technology, application solutions in various related industries and other fields. .

It is understood that Jinjiang integrated circuit industry aims at the three major positionings of "the world’s important memory production , the cross-strait integrated circuit industry cooperation demonstration center, and the most distinctive integrated circuit industry chain ecosystem in the west of the Taiwan Strait." The Fujian Province (Jinjiang) Integrated Circuit Industrial Park with a scale of 24,000 acres includes a science park, an industrial park, a design park and a comprehensive bonded zone, forming a development pattern of "three parks and one zone". At present, the park has more than 30 integrated circuit companies covering IC design, wafer manufacturing, packaging and testing, equipment materials, terminal applications and other aspects. The total investment in the landing projects exceeds 60 billion yuan, and the entire industry chain ecosystem is gradually emerging.

Let us take a look at the three exhibitors in Fujian (Jinjiang) Integrated Circuit Industrial Park.

Fujian Xintong Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Xintong is a high-tech company dedicated to the R&D, production and sales of cutting-edge products in the field of radio frequency. R&D personnel account for more than 80% of the company's employees. The company's products have complete intellectual property rights and are widely used in public security, railways, radio and television, emergency communications and other scenarios. Xintong has completed applications for 31 related technology patents, and will continue to establish the company's patent data at an annual rate of 6-10 technology patent applications.

Display main products: STDR5380 digital predistortion chip, digital intermediate frequency board module, high efficiency and high linearity RF power amplifier module

Jinjiang Yunjin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Yunjin Intelligent Technology AISTOR mainly develops and manufactures high-performance solid-state hard drives and memory products. The AISTOR series of Yunjin Intelligent adopts high-end storage technology to meet the needs of computer equipment for cost control, storage space, operating speed and stability, and provides high-efficiency storage device solutions for middle and high-end computer assembly enthusiasts.

Main products on display: full-duplex dual-mode 2T+ memory modules (using domestically made independent controllable DDR4+3D NAND chips).

Fujian Chuanglong Zhixin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Chuanglong Zhixin is mainly engaged in the R&D and design of high-end technology software and hardware, and provides customers with innovative business solutions. The company’s core team has more than ten years of professional R&D experience. Its AR smart glasses brand MAD Gaze has the largest and most complete AR ecosystem in the country. The series of products all use advanced AR algorithms, are lightweight and easy to carry, with voice recognition, gesture control, Light perception recognition and other functions can be applied to scenarios such as mobile office, mobile phone calls, multi-language recognition and translation, AR games, and 3D theaters.

Main products on display: Monocular AR augmented reality smart glasses Ares, Monocular AR augmented reality smart glasses X5, Binocular AR augmented reality smart glasses Vader, Binocular MR mixed reality smart glasses GLOW.

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