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Warmly welcome the leaders of Fujian Province and cities to visit the company to guide the work
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Seize new opportunities and accelerate the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements

Jinjiang News Network, April 23. Yesterday morning, Zhang Wenxian, Mayor of Jinjiang City, led a team to investigate the development of the new infrastructure industry and coordinate to solve related problems.

When he came to Fujian Xintong Information Technology Co., Ltd., Zhang Wenxian had a detailed understanding of enterprise talent team building, product research and development, and operation development. The company mainly develops a series of chip products and functional modules d on radio frequency front-end SOC. The product line covers 2G, 3G, 4G, radio and television coverage networks, railway communication networks, 5G communication equipment and other fields of wireless communication. Zhang Wenxian pointed out that 5G communications and other new infrastructure industries have a broad market prospect and large space. Enterprises must seize new technology development opportunities, accurately position, focus on professionalism, increase research and development efforts, accelerate the transformation of results, promote benefits with efficiency, and seize market opportunities. Make it bigger, better and stronger.

On the same day, the leaders of Jinjiang City also investigated Fujian Muyue Technology Co., Ltd., Jinjiang Sanwu Microelectronics Co., Ltd., and the Equipment Manufacturing Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. They walked into the R&D centers and laboratories to talk face-to-face with scientific researchers and solicit opinions and suggestions.

Zhang Wenxian pointed out that the "post-epidemic era" has given birth to a number of new technologies, new business formats, and new models. It is necessary to seize the opportunity, actively explore, use as the guidance, accelerate the sorting out of a batch of scientific research results, promote effective connection with local resources through multiple channels and multiple modes, and transform scientific and technological achievements into tangible productivity, occupy the market as quickly as possible, and work together. Build an industrial ecosystem to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries; improve the talent assessment system, accelerate the recruitment of a batch of talents who master core technologies and are urgently needed by the industry, and strengthen service guarantees, optimize the talent ecology, and promote the efficient implementation and rapid implementation of talent policies. Make every effort to create a talent depression so that outstanding talents can truly be attracted, retained, and do well.

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